Certification Calculator

Welcome to the IACA’s Certification Calculator. This tool will help you evaluate your eligibility for certification as a Certified Law Enforcement Analyst. Complete the relevant sections and click Submit to calculate your estimated score. You must attain at least 100 total points to qualify to take the certification examination. You will also see in which categories you can earn additional points. For all inquiries relating to Certification, please email certification@iaca.net.

Analyst Work Experience

You must earn a minimum of 20 points in this category by documenting at least 3 years of analyst experience. This is a mandatory prerequisite.

Other Work Experience in Criminal Justice

You can earn up to 20 more points by documenting other criminal justice experience, such as working as a police officer, dispatcher, or another criminal justice position. You can earn up to 2 points per year of service.

You can earn up to 30 additional points towards certification by completing an Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Highest accredited college/university degree


You can earn 30 more points in this category by documenting the successful completion (a grade of “C” or higher) of college-accredited courses considered highly relevant to the work of a crime analyst. Official transcripts are required. Each course is worth 6 points.

College courses that are 3 semester credit hours with a grade of C or higher

You can earn up to 20 additional points by completing classes or training programs provided by a college or other educational organization for credit, continuing education units, or a certificate of completion. Continuing education points accrue at the rate of 1 point per 12 hours of training.

Training Hours
(Do not include IACA 12 week online courses here.)

Field Contributions

You can earn an additional 5 points in this category by documenting your attendance at conferences or seminars.

You can earn an additional 6 points by documenting presentations you have given at conferences or seminars.

You can earn an additional 12 points by documenting graded classes you have taught. Acceptable classes are typically in a college, university, or online environment.

You can earn up to 15 more points by publishing an article, paper or book related to the field of crime analysis.
You have not added any items under this category.


You can earn 5 points by documenting your membership in a professional association related to criminal justice. The regional associations listed here are a good place to start. Many associations have dual membership with the IACA so you can count your membership in each association (however, you must list each separately below). Memberships count for 1 point; if you serve on the association’s board you can earn an additional 2 points for that association.